Cromwell Scott

– Promoting Small Business –

Cromwell Scott is a Promotions and Marketing company promoting small business.
Established in 1988, we have a long track record in creating Businesses that succeed.

Cromwell Scott has created successful companies in categories:
* Computer Sales and Service – Mainframe to Laptop
* New Product Sales – Kitchenware to Car Parts, Builders Tools to Bicycles.
* Book Promotions – Non-Fiction, Fiction, Science Fiction

In today’s marketplace a knowledge of the internet is essential. Predicting the internet business futures is a full time profession. The Internet is in a permanent state of change which requires creative online strategies to keep abreast of the many ways to prosper. Our businesses prosper because we actively keep them up to date with the very latest online strategies.

Cromwell Scott has been very successful over the years and continues to create new businesses as the future unfolds. Promoting small business is who we are.


Some of our most successful Websites:

1. MusiClypz – YouTube Video Promotions:

2. Clypz – Evolution Debate:

  • Clypz:
  • Debating:
    • Darwin’s Theory of Evolution
    • Creationists Theory of Evolution
    • Godman’s Theory of Evolution

3. VideoTaster – Shortened video reviews.

  • VideoTaster:
  • Twitter @VideoTaster
  • Short Video Reviews for you to taste.
  • Check the flavor of the short version first before deciding if the full version is worth watching and listening to.

4. ThirtagerFunStore – Worldwide Fun products

5. O.H.Morson – Author:

The Fox Is A Lion:

  • Fiction stories of Action & Adventure
  • Available as an eBook or Hardcover

6. Australian Senior Citizens:

  • ASC:
  • Lobbying The Australian Government:
    • Pensioners’ Payment Rates
    • No Harassment about private assets
    • Leave Pensioners alone to Retire Peacefully



Our newest Websites Under-Construction:

1. Thirtager – All about people aged 30 to 39:

  • Thirtager:
  • What’s going on?
  • Where are all the Fun Places?
  • What do they buy that makes them enjoy life to the fullest?
  • [under construction]





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